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Malo Clinic Ramat ha-Sharon, managed by Dr. Eran Fermon, is recognized as a leader in dental technology and treatment quality.
We are a group of 8 dentists, specializing in different fields of dentistry, prepared to give you state-of-the-art personal dental treatment.


All-on-4 is an immediate functional esthetic solution that does not require intense surgeries such as sinus lift and bone grafts.

Implant Dentistry

A missing tooth is troubling both functionally and esthetically. Implant rehabilitation is often the answer. High-level dental implants have great success rates, are easy to place and have therefore become a routine in our clinic.

Coatings Teeth

Advanced methods that address many types of cosmetic defects. Objective: perfect smile!

Esthetic dentistry and Prosthodontics

Prosthetic rehabilitation of damaged teeth should give both esthetic and functional long-lasting results. In our clinic we utilize the newest technologies that enable us to offer you the best dental treatment you can get. Ceramic laminate veneers, Zirconia non metal crowns, cast white fillings and esthetic rehabilitation in implant dentistry. We pay attention to every detail, along with help from highly qualified dental technicians, are the key to high-level esthetic dentistry.

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